Mission Statement

To encourage like-minded connections, personal / professional development, and strength through community.

Welcome to Marketers' Community

It’s plural, because we’re better together. It’s possessive, because it belongs to all of us. Welcome to the Marketers’ Community of Minnesota: a community for all professionals looking to connect, learn, share, and grow. Today our culture is driven, more than ever, by marketers. Marketing is change. Marketing is status. Marketing is community. Join us in our quest to discover how to do better and be better.

Marketers’ Community: Laying the Foundation for Change

Top Industry Experts

We delight in bringing people to the forefront that want to make a difference. Our teachers include those doing the work, sometimes deep in the trenches, and those that facilitate lively discussion. Some of our speakers have included; Amanda Brinkman, Chief Brand Officer at Deluxe, Meredith Jurek, Chief Marketing Officer at Self Esteem Brands (Anytime Fitness & Waxing the City, Jill Renslow, Vice Preside of Marketing at Mall of America, Margaret Murphy, CEO of Bold Orange, and Lou Raiola, Founder of The Purpose Alliance.

Here’s What Our Community Is Saying

Melissa Hohertz-Foat
Senior Marketing / Business Consultant

“Most events offer focus on content or connections, with one clearly in the lead. Marketers’ Community provides valuable contacts and insight— connections which I’ve already leveraged with success in my work.”

Nick Roseth
Founder, Digital Strategist
Hout Digital

“One of the great things about Marketers’ community is the diversity of disciplines gathered together to talk about marketing. I met folks from a variety of backgrounds and had great discussions about how marketing impacts all aspects of business, career, and community.”

Rachel Brewster
Keynote Speaker & Coach
Unforgettable Leadership

“I always look forward to the Marketing Community events because it’s a group of elite professionals who are passionate about sharing their expertise, connections and knowledge. I highly recommend you join their next event!”