Our Team

Meet the team behind this amazing community.

Laura King, Marketers' Community


Chief Connector – Executive Marketing Recruiter turned entrepreneur, community builder, speaker & proud mom of 4 little boys.  Laura started Marketers’ Community with the passion of bringing people together and watching the magic happen when you get the right people in a room together.

Abby Kelsey Marketers Community


Chief Marketer & Brand Strategist – Abby helps brands use social and digital marketing to enhance their positioning in the marketplace. She is well known in her specialized knowledge of LinkedIn, training individuals at ALL levels and job titles to grow their online presence including many prominent C-suite executives.



Roundtable Leader – As a former CMO (Anytime Fitness), Meredith knows the challenges of leading a marketing function first-hand. Meredith has turned her focus from evolving marketing in corporate environments to now helping marketers thrive in their space. She shapes and guides clients’ strategic messaging to both internal and external audiences through her consultancy, Storycore.

Debbie Schwake


Roundtable Leader – Debbie has spent her career building brands with revenue-generating marketing strategies. Currently, she is the CMO for a Minneapolis IT services and technology company. With an insatiable passion for educating, Debbie advises leaders and marketers on marketing strategies, leadership topics, and specific situational marketing initiatives, like account-based marketing, revenue marketing, and sales and marketing alignment, to name a few. In 2017, Debbie was named an SLMA 40 Most Inspiring Leaders.

Nataly Huff

Nataly Huff

Nataly is a respected marketing leader known for challenging the status quo and creating measurable, sustainable change. She brings hands-on experience mobilizing cross-functional teams and rallying colleagues from all functions and geographies to buy into bold new ideas. With more than 15 years in leadership focusing on growth and retention marketing, Nataly’s experience spans B2C, B2B2C, and prosumer spaces with a proven track record in achieving significant growth for small-scale start-ups as well as mature global organizations. She is a firm believer in trust, feedback, and context as the key drivers for a professional environment where team members feel valued, are engaged, and stay productive.


Greg Tucker

Greg Tucker is a 20+ marketing and demand generation vet. He is is currently the VP of Growth Marketing for FreightWaves SONAR – the industries most comprehensive and high-frequency supply chain data, forecasting, and benchmarking platform. Greg and the team are accountable for brand marketing, press relations and communications, demand generation, content marketing, product marketing, account-based marketing, event marketing, and sales pipeline generation. When he’s not working Greg loves spending time outdoors with his family and listening to numerous podcasts, especially the Marketing Book Podcast.


Andrea Ponto

As a Senior Business Executive for start-up, Private Equity and large matrixed organizations, Andrea brings over 15 years of consistent success driving business growth, digital transformation, and brand awareness, taking B2B, B2B2C and Growth organizations to the next level. Andrea owns CIX Solutions and operates as a Fractional CMO.
The idea behind CIX, Connected Intentional Experiential, is rooted in Andrea’s purpose to impact the lives of others through positive influence and encouragement so that we can all live our best life. Andrea thrives when connecting with others and loves coaching basketball. Her core values of curiosity, connection, integrity, and teamwork allow her to create teams and develop talent that delivers results.