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Elevate Yourself, Elevate Marketing: Peer Groups for Marketing Leaders

Applications Are Now Open For Our Mid-Level Manager Roundtables

Designed for those in Sr. Manager to Director level marketing positions with at least 8+ years of experience.

Navigating Marketing Challenges? You’re Not Alone

Envision engaging with a group of individuals who genuinely understand your struggles and are ready to help navigate through your biggest challenges as a marketing leader. 

When joining a Marketers’ Community Roundtable peer group, you unlock the door to learning from both peers and subject matter experts, sharing effective strategies, and instantaneously applying newfound knowledge.

Within this collaborative setting, you’ll acquire actionable tools and strategies that you can seamlessly integrate within your team, amplifying your impact at work. The shared wisdom and practical insights that stem from these roundtables will not only propel your professional growth but also foster a culture of continuous improvement and innovation within your organization.

What To Know:

  • Group Selection: We carefully curate small groups of 10 or fewer to foster an exceptional group dynamic, ensuring a productive environment for meaningful interactions.
  • Interaction & Engagement: Groups will meet each month, have the opportunity for continued communication through a private Slack channel, and partake in exclusive members-only events, creating a rhythm of insightful interactions and continuous learning.
  • Expertly Facilitated Meetings: Each session is organized and facilitated by seasoned professionals, with active Marketing Leaders leading the discussions, ensuring a blend of structured insights and real-world expertise.
  • Expand Your Network: By making this a monthly priority, you are guaranteed to widen and deepen your peer circle simply by showing up.

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So, Are You Ready?

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The Benefits of Joining A Roundtable

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    Monthly Collaboration

    A collection of like-minded corporate marketing leaders with a common desire to intimately share ideas, solutions, and collaboratively discover.

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    Professionally Facilitated

    Facilitated by current and former CMOs and Marketing practitioners

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    Confidential & Safe Setting

    Confidentiality ensured

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    Peer Group Alignment

    Hand-selected and assigned to small peer groups by talent executives for optimal engagement

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    Continuous Support

    Fulfilled through recurring virtual meetings and 24/7 online collaboration through a private slack channel

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    No Vendors or Selling

    Free of solicitation, suppliers or competition

Meet the Roundtables Team

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What’s Included

Monthly Meetings:

Engage in problem-solving, challenge sharing, and educational discussions during our monthly meetings.

Always-On Support:

Access to our private Slack group that provides access to your group, access to all roundtable members and challenge-specific challenges. (AI, Benchmarking, Trends. etc.) 

Join In-Person Events:

Enjoy free access to Marketers Community events, with a 50% discount for a colleague or friend.

Discounted Workshops & Virtual Events:

Benefit from a 50% discount on any Marketers Community workshops or virtual events, advancing your professional skill set.

Member Meetups:

Join our annual meetups for broader networking and interaction with diverse roundtable groups.

Are Roundtables for you?

What About the Investment?

Why Your Boss Will Support Your Membership:   

A recent article in Minnesota Business articulates that “cultivating a peer network has ascended as a highly productive business strategy”—a notion we wholeheartedly echo.

– Professional Development: Roundtables enhance strategic thinking and problem-solving skills, translating to better performance and innovative strategies beneficial for your organization.

– Industry Insights: Gain firsthand knowledge on emerging marketing trends and best practices, aiding informed decision-making and maintaining a competitive edge.

– Networking and Collaboration: Forge valuable connections with marketing leaders, opening doors to collaborative opportunities, referrals, and partnerships beneficial for business growth.

– Tangible ROI: Modest investment with a high return through refined strategies, professional relationships, and improved team performance, propelling organizational success.

Not to mention, your investment for the entire year is less than traveling to one conference. 

When it comes to ROI, Roundtables is a no-brainer

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You’re almost there. Here’s what to expect:


After submitting your interest, you will get a call from us to fill you in on the details. This also helps ensure our community is a good fit for you.


This step is like quality control. It also helps us gather the information we need to appropriately match you with the rest of your peer group.


Finally, you will learn which group you’ll be a part of; submit payment; and add your first meeting to your calendar!