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Roundtables by Marketers’ Community

Imagine connecting with a group of people who truly get you and who will help guide you through your most pressing challenges.

You’re invited to be part of something really special. As a member of a Marketer’s Community Roundtable group, you have the opportunity to learn from peers and experts, share best practices, and apply what you learn immediately.

In addition to personal growth, members form deep bonds rooted in trust and empathy. These supportive peer friendships can be lifelong.

How it works:

  • We hand select small groups (10 or less) of Marketing Directors/VPs/CMOs to ensure an exceptional group dynamic.
  • Monthly virtual meetings, private slack channel, and members-only events. 
  • Each meeting is organized and facilitated by professionals and led by working CMOs.
  • No consultants or vendors.


Sound good? There’s more.

So, You Want In?

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The Benefits of Joining A Roundtable

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    Monthly Collaboration

    A collection of like-minded corporate marketing leaders with a common desire to intimately share ideas, solutions, and collaboratively discover.

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    Professionally Facilitated

    Facilitated by current and former CMOs and Marketing practitioners

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    Confidential & Safe Setting

    Confidentiality ensured

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    Peer Group Alignment

    Hand-selected and assigned to small peer groups by talent executives for optimal engagement

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    Continuous Support

    Fulfilled through recurring virtual meetings and 24/7 online collaboration through a private slack channel

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    No Vendors or Selling

    Free of solicitation, suppliers or competition

Who Makes the Magic Happen?

Your Matchmaker

Laura King is known as the “queen of networking” with a superpower for bringing the right people together. She founded Marketers Community in 2018 to create a ‘safe space’ for marketing leaders. The organization has since blossomed to serve more than 800 marketers in the Twin Cities. As a recruiter, Laura has placed more than 100 mid-senior level marketing professionals in 60+ organizations in less than 5 years. 

Your Guide

Debbie Schwake has spent her career building brands with revenue-generating marketing strategies. Currently, she is the CMO for a Minneapolis IT services and technology company. With an insatiable passion for educating, Debbie advises leaders and marketers on marketing strategies and leadership topics. She also advises on specific situational marketing initiatives, including account-based marketing, revenue marketing, and sales and marketing alignment. In 2017, Debbie was named an SLMA 40 Most Inspiring Leaders. 

How We Operate

Are Roundtables for you?

What About the Investment?

Your boss will love Roundtables. Here’s why:

A recent Minnesota Business article states, “developing a network of peers has emerged as a highly productive business strategy.” And we agree.

When you’re a part of this community, you’ll bring your best self and the new skills you’re learning immediately back to your day job. Your company’s ROI is high: the investment is less than a trip to a conference. In exchange, you’ll bring back new information, skills, and tools to the workplace every single month.

When it comes to ROI, Roundtables is a no-brainer

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You’re almost there. Here’s what to expect:


After submitting your interest, you will get a call from us to fill you in on the details. This also helps ensure our community is a good fit for you.


This step is like quality control. It also helps us gather the information we need to appropriately match you with the rest of your peer group.


Finally, you will learn which group you’ll be a part of; submit payment; and add your first meeting to your calendar!

(You Know You Want To)