Tips to Get Your Boss On Board

Explain the ROI for your organization

When you’re pitching this idea to your boss, be sure to mention how your organization will benefit from you attending the workshop and how it will help you become better at your job. Marketers’ Community workshops provide you with actionable strategies and content. After attending, you’ll learn tactics that you will take back to the office and implement immediately. The ROI is important to you boss.

Keep “the organization” in mind

Your boss will want to make sure you keep the organization in mind. You need to present that everything you do is for the greater good of the “team”. If you present Marketers’ Community as an event that will help the entire company grow and prosper, you’ll be way on your way to one of our educational events. Just remember to present the workshop as an opportunity for your organization at every point of the conversation.

Explain why networking matters

Marketers’ Community workshops bring together around 30-50 business professionals, from small business owners to chief marketing officers, and marketing managers. If you’re looking to take your marketing to the next then, what better way than networking with some of the Twin Cities smartest marketing professionals.

Self development within oneself

Before you make the decision to come to our workshop, we want you to believe in one thing. You must believe that in order to get better one must be better – that goes behind skills and speaks to change in one’s heart. If you believe that you want to get better, then what are you waiting for. Sign up today.

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