We know leading a marketing function in normal times is challenging. Throw in a global pandemic to upend business models, launch a new service offering in record time, crisis communications, a new brand voice, resource constraints, remote staff, and oh yeah – homeschooling for many of us. Now we’re in another stratosphere of HARD.

You know what it doesn’t have to be? Lonely.

There is no playbook for leading a marketing function through a pandemic – but we CAN lean on and learn from one another. That’s the idea behind this gathering – creating a ‘safe space’ for marketing leaders to collect, connect and share with peers – what’s working, what’s not, fears, expectations, disappointments – with compassion, not judgment.

Join your peers (Marketing Directors, VPs, CMOs) on Thursday,  August 13th, at 12 PM  CST.

Senior leaders within our marketing community will kick off the discussion and then break into smaller groups for more intimate connections. It will be raw and unfiltered – but it will be real.

WHY? Because we all believe in the power of marketing, but even more, in the power of this community to sustain and inspire each other when we need it most.

WHO? Heads of Marketing – we know there are many titles; Marketing Executives in transition are welcome.

This event is made possible by the collaboration between Marketers’ Community, Authentic Brand, and Storycore.

To collaboration and connection,

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Fantastic content

Each meetup brings the most up to date and marketing forward topics. Walk away with tons of practical takeaways and ideas to keep you ahead in the marketing economy.

Twin Cities leading experts

Marketers’ Community brings the best business professionals in the Twin Cities to speak at its events. Our past speakers include: Amanda Brinkman (Deluxe), and Jennifer Zick (Authentic Brand). Come hear from leading experts as they tell their story

Networking matters

Marketers’ Community meetups bring together around 120-150 business professionals, from small business owners to chief marketing officers, sales managers, and marketing managers. If you’re looking to take your marketing to the next level then, what better way than networking with some of the Twin Cities smartest marketing professionals.

Self development within oneself

Before you make the decision to come to our meetups, we want you to believe in one thing. You must believe that in order to get better one must be better – that goes behind skills and speaks to change in one’s heart. If you believe that you want to get better, through networking and education then what are you waiting for. Sign up today.

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