Creating Authenticity, Purpose & Fulfillment In Your Career

Creating Authenticity, Purpose & Fulfillment In Your Career By Jen Gilhoi, Owner at Sparktrack Consulting Connect with me on Linkedin Laura Unleashed: Marketers’ Community Transformational Talk Laura King, Marketers’ Community (MC) founder, built this community by uplifting others and setting the stage for marketers to have exchanges and conversation. Somewhere along the way, the idea…

The Benefits of a Network Community

We have all been advised that networking is an essential component for expanding our careers. Taking this advice, I have embraced multiple opportunities to attend different networking events within the Twin Cities area. I’ve found that engaging with groups of like-minded people is inspiring and I have gained valuable insights from professionals who share first-hand career-based experiences.

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“That was random.” It’s a well-deserved retort from my 12-year-old and 15-year-old daughters in response to my frequent offbeat statements or questions. It always gets a chuckle from me. If they were to look at my resume, they might hit me with the same, deadpan statement. I’d probably still laugh, but had things not turned out so well for me, it might not be so funny.

Laura King on finding your purpose, following your path and changing lives

Laura King, Community Builder and People Connector launched two new initiatives in 2018 – Marketer’s Community for marketers to grow, learn and network and Minneapolis Angels which is a foster care nonprofit created to help empower children and build sustainable foster homes. She talks about following your heart and taking a leap to do what you love. Listen now to learn what you can do to find and follow your purpose.